Hello, fellow bloggers, writers, readers, and everyone in between!

Today I went to a writers’ conference at TMCC and I am pumped! I went to promote my book, Finding ‘Ohana, and now here I am, promoting it further. My brain is about to burst with everything I experienced today, so I’m just going to start this blog with one little tidbit.

“No tears for the writer, no tears for the reader.”

Jennifer Lauck brought this up during her talk. (I can’t remember if she was quoting someone… oops…) She was making the point that if a writer isn’t feeling, she isn’t writing.

Well, anyone who was remotely near me last summer knows that Finding ‘Ohana definitely produced some tears! And not just from stress. In any case, I’ve been told it was worth it. Tiffani Thomas (thank God for you!) was the first person to read my completed novel, start to finish, and as badly as I feel for making her cry, I can’t help but be proud too.

So here’s to the future! Finding an agent, getting published, and making tons more people cry!


2 thoughts on “Tears

  1. This reminds me of the usual Bully/Nerd dynamic. In the younger school days the bully picks on the nerd. But then the Nerd becomes a success and ends up being that bully’s boss. Well, you’re the one who people once made cry, and now its your turn to make them cry!

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