Synopsis of My Next (Untitled) Novel

While I’m working on getting Finding ‘Ohana published, I have another novel in the works. This way I can keep my writing muscles from going soft. Plus, it shows agents and publishers that I am not just a one-novel kind of writer.

I read that the best time to write a synopsis is before you write the book, so you aren’t bogged down with all the details you know once you finish the book. So here it goes:


At twelve years old, all Gwen wants is to grow up enough to get on a high school theater stage, like her big sister. Until a fire puts Gwen in the hospital, and her desires become a lot more immediate — like the desire to just look normal again. But it takes months for her burns to heal enough to be fitted for a wig, and then the application, consultation, and measurement process to qualify for and receive a wig take even longer.

Meanwhile, it takes not one, but six people to donate hair before one wig can be made. An executive still dealing with childhood abuse, a college kid whose mom keeps telling him to get a haircut, a reality-show-queen-turned-hair-model, a closeted butch lesbian whose younger sister is getting married, a trophy wife who shows she’s a “good Christian” by donating her hair every two years, and an eight-year-old girl who thinks her face would look fat if she had short hair. Six people must all come to the same decision to cut a foot of their own hair, even though they will likely never come in contact with each other, nor the little girl they are helping.


So there you have it. The novel will follow all seven characters, with their stories interweaving in a way that they’ll never see. I’m hoping that the finished product will show what my inspiration was: the way that people touch each other’s lives even when they never meet face-to-face.

It will probably end up being Women’s Fiction, like Finding ‘Ohana. In the coming weeks, as I continue to work on the character development and then on the outlines of each character’s story, I’ll post what I come up with here. Obviously I don’t have a title yet. I don’t name most of my writing until I’m at the end of it. I’m sure something will come to me, but as always I welcome any helpful suggestions.     : )


2 thoughts on “Synopsis of My Next (Untitled) Novel

  1. It’s an original story, Sierra, so that’s good. But you have to make sure that agents will response positively before starting. So here are some comments. If you want to inspire readers, then your book is not in women fiction but in the category of inspirational fiction. It’s a big category if you add some Christian elements. Because your main character is a 12 year old girl, you can also write it as a lower YA fiction. The weakness of your synopsis is that you don’t explain well why Gwen need to get the hair from these six people. It’s seems as if you just add another six people so that you can write about them. Gwen can just get a wig. Readers want to read about the main character Gwen. They want to follow her story and connect to her, but you distract them by focusing on another six more people. Finally, all agents will ask you for a Conflict. What is the Conflict that Gwen is facing. Best wishes.

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