Obama Supports Marriage Equality!

So it’s finally happened! The President has announced that he supports gay marriage!

There are so many avenues we could go down while discussing this. Bear with me while I deposit my brain through my laptop.

First of all, woo hoo! It’s about time. Now on to the next step. With Obama’s new slogan of “Forward,” I’m hopeful for the legalization of gay marriage within his second term. *knock on wood*

That said, I also feel the need to remind my readers that I’m not exactly politically-minded. In fact, the issue I’m mainly interested in is gay marriage. It’s safe to say that I would probably place my vote with any candidate running for any office if they support LGBT rights. In 2008 (the first election I could vote in!) I wanted to give my support based on this issue, but because no candidates were supporting gay rights, I ended up voting for Obama mostly because of his environmental stance. I had to do some reading today to find out that Obama has kind of gone back and forth on same-sex marriage.

For anyone who hasn’t been following:

When he first ran for Senator in 1996, Obama said he would fight against those who would ban gay marriage. But eight years later, he “said he believed marriage is between a man and a woman, citing his faith as the reason for that belief.” He reiterated this when running for President, but toward the end of 2010 he said that his opinion was “evolving.” (http://tinyurl.com/7jtg67z)

Yesterday, President Obama said that he supports gay marriage. You can imagine why some would call him a flip-flopper.

I’m not so hasty to name-call someone who has finally joined my side. It’s inevitable in our political system that you have to make compromises to be successful. He got into office, he showed us his change, and now he can help us earn the equality we deserve.

Also, let’s not forget that being human means having the ability to change your mind. In the above video, Obama mentions all the people in his life who have helped him see that not allowing same-sex marriage is discrimination.

I used to believe that homosexuality was a sin. I’m ashamed of it now. If I can change my mind, why can’t the president? And why can’t those religious voters also see the light and stop the discrimination? Obama’s “flip-flop” is a reminder that there is hope for a future of equality.

And we need to support him if this is going to get anywhere and actually mean anything for LGBT Americans. Signing this petition: http://tinyurl.com/7x9rmlg shows that you support Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality.

You can also donate to the election or go to a fundraiser, like the LGBT fundraising gala in LA featuring Pink on June 6th.


I would have tickets now if I had more than twenty bucks to my name. LOL

If you happen to be loaded, you can get tickets to an LGBT gala here. (I’m having trouble determining if it’s the same one that the news article mentions, which features Pink.)

In any case, with a president who supports same-sex marriage, we’re that much closer to marriage equality. Our votes need to support him and any Congressional candidates who will help us reach equality.


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