Cinnamin & Naali’s Hawaiian Wedding

Today I found some pictures that put an image to the clothes and jewelry I’ve always pictured on Cinnamin and Naali when they get married. I thought I’d post them here, but you can also find them on my Pinterest account.

Let me paint you a picture…

Pinned Image

Standing on this beach, Cinnamin and Naali vow to love each other until death do they part.

Cinnamin’s wedding gown is a simple strapless dress with a corset-style back, soft tulle skirt, and satin ribbon at the empire waist as its only adornment. Cinnamin enjoys very simple fashions, although she still wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day.

Pinned Image

Cinnamin’s has the shape and satin ribbon of the dress on the right, but with the simplicity and length of the dress on the left.

On the big day, Cinnamin’s make-up is minimal and her hair is straightened and flipped out.

Naali’s wedding dress is stylistically the complete opposite, with as many beaded details as possible.

The halter top accentuates her curves, and barely conceals Cinnamin’s two favorite freckles just above Naali’s collarbone.

Naali’s make-up is natural-looking, with shimmers of body glitter here and there. Half her hair is curled on the crown of her head while the other half of her hair falls down her back in waves.

Believe it or not, this is a difficult style to find an image of. I should have taken better pictures of my hair at my junior prom…

Most of her hair is curled up like this:

prom updos for long hair 2011. prom updo hairstyle 2011

But a small section of hair (smaller than is shown here) comes down the back:

Cinnamin and Naali’s engagement rings match somewhat, but, like everything else in their bridal ensembles, Naali’s is more elaborate and Cinnamin’s more simple.

Naali likes the vintage style because of its attention to detail.

She also loves color, so the sapphires are a nice touch.

Cinnamin’s ring is a solitaire, with slight filigree to match Naali’s ring.

She likes that the detail is something she has to look closely to see and that it doesn’t distract from the diamond.

And there are all the tools you need to see Naali and Cinnamin’s wedding with the same clarity that I’ve seen it. Now read all about the wedding.


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