Happy Twelve Day!

Thanks to Caitlin Muir on Author Media for the idea for today’s post! One of her blogging ideas to combat writer’s block is to list ten favorite writers. Well, since today is the last day this century which will have three consecutive numbers for its date, I decided to list twelve of my favorite writers, instead of ten. Happy 12/12/12!


12 Writers Who Inspire Me (in no particular order)

1) Susan Palwick – Okay, I haven’t actually read her book, but she was my professor for the Creative Writing classes that really got me dedicated to fiction. And she’s also a published author. Therefore, she is an writer who inspires me.





2) Nicole Peeler – Her main character, Jane True, manages to be new to the supernatural world and still a badass woman. She knows how to take care of herself, which is too hard to find in fictional women.








3) Jodi Picoult – I loved Sing You Home. It hit me where I live on so many levels. I read it after I finished my first draft of Finding ‘Ohana because the two have similar themes. Luckily, they are still very different books.

4) Sophie Kinsella – All of her books have the perfect blend of humor and sentimentality. I could read her forever.

5) multiple romance novelists who will go unnamed – A lot of these books are so truly awful that they inspire me to write and get my writing published. If they can do it, I certainly can.





6) Gail Carson Levine – Yes, she’s a young adult author, but her books are so beautifully crafted that I’ve read them multiple times, including as an adult. They’re the kinds of books you don’t grow out of.



7) Carolyn Keene – If anyone ever asks you if stories can make a difference, you can tell them about the seven-year-old girl who was kidnapped and escaped by picking the lock from inside the car truck she was stuffed in. When asked how she thought to do so, she said that she just imagined what Nancy Drew would do.

8) Joss Whedon – He is just fantastic. Witty, poignant, and so talented with making his characters truly come to life.

9) Scott Westerfeld – I am in awe of how well he knows all the worlds he creates. I never doubt for a second that he knows all the rules, whether or not he tells them to me within the text.

10) Laurie Faria Stolarz – I don’t usually read mysteries, but she gets me every time with her combination of casual, everyday life, and the promise of magic in nearly everything her main character does.





11) Gail Simone – She rose to the challenge of  integrating a badass superhero woman into a sexist world where superhero women used to be a nuisance to their male counterparts. She took an “angel” and made her a warrior.





12) Mike Visser – He hasn’t been published, but his writing is beautiful. And he inspires me every day.


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