God Loves Gays (some churches just don’t know that yet)

All right, I think I’ve taken a long enough break for the holidays! Now I’m back to write about Cinnamin and all things pertaining to her. Today, I’m goin’ for religion and homosexuality, two things that have always created conflict in Cinnamin’s life, for obvious reasons.

My boyfriend and I recently experienced one of those inevitabilities of life, right up there with death and taxes. That’s right, you guessed it, we were visited by Mormon missionaries.




Naturally, we invited them in to talk.







And we actually had a lot of fun, trying not to sound offensive as we asked them questions about their religion. We talked for about an hour and a  half to two hours, and we learned some pretty interesting things about the Mormon church.

The whole time we were asking about Heaven-planets and golden plates and baptisms for the dead, I had one burning question which, I am ashamed to say, I was apprehensive about bringing up at all: where exactly does the Mormon church stand with homosexuality?

Now, I have discussed sex with religious officials before. I was in a Human Sexuality course in college and had an assignment for which I interviewed religious leaders from three different sects of Christianity about many of the sexual “deviations” there are out there. (I’ll probably blog about this at a later time, so keep an eye out!) But it was not awkward because it was clear I was doing it from an academic standpoint and all my questions were not considered “personal.”

These missionaries had come to our house around seven o’clock and, being the old fuddy-duddy that I am, I was already in my PJs. And I thought that bringing up homosexuality and religion might be a little too personal for such a situation.

Well, I did it anyway. And here’s how I did it…


Me: So, in the 1970s, the Mormon church changed their stance on people of African descent being dark-skinned as a punishment for sin. Was that one of the “revelations?”

"I believe that in 1978 God changed His mind about black people!"
“I believe that in 1978 God changed His mind about black people!”

Missionary: Yes. Heavenly Father never changes his mind. So, before then, the church had their facts wrong. God corrected them by giving a Revelation to the President of the Church. Heavenly Father reveals things to us when we are ready to hear them.

Me: So God decided in the seventies that the United States was ready to hear that being black was not because of sin, and that was right around the Civil Rights movements. So, a few years down the line, when gay marriage is legal in the U.S., God could decide that we’re ready to hear that homosexuality is not a sin?


Neither missionary really wanted to answer that. They said that they doubted it, and that there was nothing now to suggest that God would give such a “revelation,” but they admitted that it is possible.

From this, I came to the conclusion that gay rights marches are not only affecting politics, but God too! Because if we march for gay rights and gay marriage becomes legal, we are that much closer to churches accepting it too!

So march! March for gay rights! March for gay marriage! But, most of all, march for God to change policies on homosexuality!



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