Read my Published Work!

Today is the day! My first short story published outside of my own alma mater is in the winter issue of The Write Place at the Write Time and available for readers all over the world!


Pyramid is a fiction short story about a woman struggling through an abusive relationship. After waking up in the hospital, without so much as flowers from the boyfriend who put her there, she finally sees that she deserves more. With the help of a friend, a therapist, memories of what it means to truly live, and a song whose lyrics reach her at the very moment she is ready to listen, she begins her life again on her own.

In order to recognize the thousands of women in this situation, none of the characters in this story have names, and only the main character and her boyfriend have genders. What individualizes the main character is who she was before the abuse, and who she becomes afterward.


You can read Pyramid online, on page 23.


In case you want to listen while you read the full story, here’s Pearl, Katy Perry’s song that inspired Pyramid:

I am so excited! As always, I love to hear from my readers. So if my story makes you think or feel anything, anything at all, comment on this post to tell me about it!


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