Kindred Spirits

Last weekend was my very first time attending a comic book convention: Wizard World Comic Con. Being here in Reno, Nevada, it was a relatively small convention, but it was an amazing experience.

I’ve wanted to go to a Comic Con for years now, even though I was not entirely sure what to expect. To be honest, the biggest appeal for me was probably the cosplay. I do love having excuses to dress up! I got to pull out my steampunk costume, which is always fun.

But the highlight of the Con, for me, turned out to be a panel on world-building and story-telling. I hadn’t put much thought at all into hearing a panel, but I’m so glad I did.

from left to right: David Michael Slater, Genese Davis, Tracy Clark, & Heather Petty

I’d forgotten how much I love being surrounded by other people who share my passion for writing. I learned new things and walked away with some great tips, but mostly I just wanted to soak up the energy of that room filled with creative minds bursting to put their ideas on paper.


Panel Audience
You can see me in the audience, about halfway back!

There’s something about being with kindred spirits that makes you resist waiting any longer to pursue your dream.



If this is the feeling I got from a single writing panel at a Comic Con, imagine what a conference focused entirely on writing can do!

It’s been almost four years since the first and only Writers’ Conference I ever attended. The time has definitely come to revisit one. Obviously the TMCC Writers’ Conference is most convenient for me, but I’ll be looking into those of surrounding areas as well. The conference I attended in 2013 was so inspiring – and it got me out of my comfort zone as well as introduced me to some friendly and influential people in the publishing business.

I’m already excited to go again!


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